On the morning of June 24, the unveiling ceremony of the first "designated hospital for foreign experts" and "foreign academician workstation" in Hebei Province was held in the Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University.

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In order to ensure the smooth communication of foreign experts during medical treatment, and to properly resolve the worries of foreign experts, Guo Yuming, deputy director of the Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology and director of the Provincial Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs, Wang Zhongqun, director of the Foreign Experts Department, and Sun Yifang, deputy director of the Foreign Experts Department, First-level investigators Liu Hongwei and Chang Wenli of the Foreign Specialty Office; Zhang Wansheng, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University, Zhao Zongmao, Vice President, Zhang Chaojun, Director of the Translational Medicine Center, representatives of foreign experts, heads of departments of the Second Provincial Hospital, and provincial and municipal media Witnessed by the reporter, Shi Baojun, Dean of the Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University, and Sun Jianzhong, Chairman and President of Hebei International Stuides University, signed the "Designated Hospitals for Medical Treatment by Foreign Experts" Translator Talents Agreement. Hebei International Studies University will provide translators in multiple languages with good service guarantee.

 As the first “designated hospital for foreign experts” in Hebei Province, the Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University has scientifically planned and carefully organized and specifically opened a green channel for foreign experts to seek medical treatment according to the needs of foreign experts, set up an independent waiting area for medical treatment, and added English signs.  We have further strengthened the management and service of foreign experts, met the medical needs of foreign experts in Hebei, and improved the medical and health protection system for foreign experts.

Yu-ming guo, deputy director-general of the first, the second hospital of hebei medical university and hebei thank fully, foreign languages institute, and points out that insist in hebei province will lead the development of the first scientific and technological innovation as a driving force, talent as the support for the development of the first resource, implement more active, more open, more effective policies, exchanging and intensify the introduction of foreign high-end experts It is committed to enhancing the management and service of foreign experts and enhancing the sense of belonging of foreign experts in Hebei. 

 Hebei institute of foreign languages as previously granted to a member of the "foreign academician workstation", will continue to attach great importance to lead to exchanging and work, in the flow channels of international talent exchange and cooperation, strengthen the foreign experts to introduce more efforts, and constantly optimize the foreign expert management and service, continuing to provide strong economic province, hebei beautiful foreign talent and intelligence support.