Academician Peres of Hebei International Studies University presented the banner to the second hospital of Hebei Medical University

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 On June 24, the first designated hospital for foreign experts in Hebei Province was opened in the second hospital of Hebei Medical University.

 China's one belt, one road national economic and social and Cultural Research Institute, Peres, academician of the Hebei International Studies University, spoke as an expert representative. He said that it was precisely because of the joint efforts of the Foreign Experts Bureau of Hebei and the Second Affiliated Hospital  of Hebei Medical University that the week before the founding of the Communist Party of China was 100th anniversary. It has achieved more safe and considerate care and service for foreign experts. 

At the meeting, academician Peres presented a banner to the second hospital of Hebei Medical University to "carry forward Chinese Medical Culture and care for the health of Chinese and foreign friends". All the people present were deeply moved.

    Guo Yuming, deputy secretary of the Party group, deputy director of the Department of science and technology of Hebei Province and director of the Provincial Bureau of foreign trade.

And it starts with a story that happened at the beginning of this year. Since he came to work in Hebei International Studies University , academician Peres has been well taken care of and in good health.A few days ago, Academician Perez was found to be abnormal in a routine physical examination. Guo Yuming, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Department of Hebei Province, and Director of the Foreign Affairs Bureau of Hebei Province, paid great attention to this and coordinated with the Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University to carry out a very successful operation. Prof. Perez was deeply impressed by the excellent medical skill and considerate service provided by the Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University.

 Today, the second hospital, hebei medical university as the first foreign experts "medical fixed point hospital" for hebei, this special occasion, shimon peres, academician special pennants, to express their gratitude, he said, "the second hospital, hebei medical university professional and high quality health services provides us with confidence, I had that experience, I can tell you for sure, The medical care they provide, from specialist doctors to service staff, is top-notch."