At 14:00 on July 11, a "long-planned" rainstorm arrived on time for the appointment. Hebei International Studies University ​​received another rain baptism. After the rain, Hewai still stands on the ground in Shijiazhuang, but it has a new look

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God must have overturned the palette to have this colorful place.

Let's meet Hebei Foreign Languages Institute after overturning the palette!

The screen wall takes on a new look under the blue sky.

Against the backdrop of the tender green lawn and the blue sky and white clouds, the comprehensive teaching building is much gentler.

Standing on the school’s playground, it’s like going to the beach, the blue sky and white clouds are like entering the sea on the playground, the air you breathe when you close your eyes is sweet.

The red runway, the green lawn, the blue sky, and the white clouds are all reflected together, very bright.

The dormitory building straight into the sky has become a building that you can't afford to climb after the rainstorm.

Under the mirror image of a thin layer of water jacket on the ground, trees, buildings, and the sky all leaned down and began to look beautifully in the mirror.

Do you want to meet such a Hebei International Studies University?