The story of Lei Nina from Hebei Institute of foreign languages, Xinhua News Agency reported

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This is the deepest impression of Lei Nina for the workers of Fengheyuan Community in Qiaoxi District of Shijiazhuang City, who seems to be so fragile and brave in the face of the epidemic.

Lei Nina,born in 1999, is a senior student at Hebei Foreign Studies University in Wuhan. During the Year of the Rat and the Boxer Boxer, Li Nina served as a protest volunteer in Wuhan and Shijiazhuang. This was her most memorable experience.

As a member of the publicity committee of Class 8, Grade 17, School of English, Hebei Foreign Studies University, Nina once worked as a photojournalist in the publicity department of the Party Committee of the university. She is lively, cheerful and warm-hearted, so everyone calls her "Lao Lei"."Lao Lei" is a native of Wuhan. In 2020, she worked as a volunteer at the Wuhan Fangfang Hospital, and in 2021, she volunteered to fight the epidemic in her second hometown, Shijiazhuang.

As the Spring Festival approached, she and her classmates responded to the initiative to celebrate the festival.Let's take a look at Lenina's different Spring Festival.The original text reads:Looks weak, unexpectedly in the face of the epidemic, can be so brave.This is the deepest impression that the workers of Fengheyuan Community in Qiaoxi District of Shijiazhuang City have on Nina.

Lei Nina, born in 1999, is a senior student at Hebei International Studies University in Wuhan.In the Year of the Rat, Nina worked as a volunteer in Wuhan and Shijiazhuang respectively. This is her most unforgettable experience.

The picture shows Nina working as a volunteer in Fengheyuan Community, Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang City during the epidemic. Photo provided by the interviewee.

At the end of December 2020, Lenina stayed a little longer looking for classmates after taking the postgraduate exam in Shijiazhuang.Unexpectedly, since January 6, 2021, Shijiazhuang has implemented closed-loop control because of the epidemic, and the stone passages have been closed.

Lei Nina, who was stranded in her classmates' residence in Fengheyuan Community, took the initiative to join the community volunteer service team.I have been busy for more than 30 days in organizing nucleic acid tests for residents, input information for communities, and buying vegetables and delivering medicine to special groups.As the Spring Festival approached, she and her classmates responded to the initiative to celebrate the festival.

On February 11, the Lunar New Year's Eve, the community invited Lenina and her classmates to write Spring Festival couplets and make dumplings together to warm the festival.

We have also prepared" blessing bags "with peanuts, sunflower seeds and fruits for the children." "We have also prepared a special gift for Lei Nina, but I won't tell you yet," said Li Feng, party secretary of Fengheyuan community.

Li Feng said that when the epidemic prevention and control was at its most intense, enthusiastic volunteers sprang up in the community, especially among college students born in the 1990s and 2000s.

When Lenina signed up, no one noticed because there are too many volunteers.

But later, she rushed to the front, brave and responsible, leaving a deep impression on people. When we learned that she had been a volunteer in Wuhan, we admired her even more.

At the beginning of 2020, an epidemic broke out in Wuhan. Nina, who was spending the winter holiday at home in Hongshan District, Wuhan, decided to sign up after seeing the volunteer recruitment information, and then she and other volunteers were assigned to a square cabin hospital to assist with logistics work.

The picture shows Nina working as a volunteer during the epidemic in Wuhan.Photo provided by interviewees.

When I left my home,and saw so many people at the frontlineI didn't feel afraid any more,said Lei Nina.She said she and her companions held out from Feb. 19, 2020, until April 4, when the last survivor left."When I was inventoring the warehouses, I saw the aid supplies from Hebei. I felt very warm at the time, but when I think back, I am still very touched." Lenina said that Wuhan is the city where she grew up, and Shijiazhuang is the city where she went to college. In her mind, both places are "home".

"Two special experiences, what is your most learned?" "The reporter asked Lei Nina.

"Strong and brave." "Because no winter is insurmountable," she said.After learning that Lei Nina and her companions will spend their Chinese New Year at Shijiazhuang, community calligraphy enthusiasts Zhang Guixue specially wrote a pair of Spring Festival couplets for them: the top couplet is "at the period of the young college students ", the bottom couplet is" Volunteers struggling in the face of difficulties" ", horizontal batch is "in its youth". You are the youth of China good youth, for you thumb up!" Zhang Guixue said with a thumb-up.

At this time, Li Feng also took out the special gift prepared. It turned out to be a "the prettiest volunteer" medal, customized by the community. Lei Nina was pleasantly surprised and surprised. "Nina, you deserve this little medal." Li Feng said.

       On February 11, the Chinese New Year's Eve, Lei Nina received a special Spring Festival gift. This is a medal specially customized for her by Fengheyuan community. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Qilei took the photo.

"Happy New Year, Mom! You see, I'm fine in Shijiazhuang for the Spring Festival, don't worry about me."Nina dialed WeChat video and sent her mother a New Year greeting in her native language.

"Mom give you thumb up, you are brave. Take good care of yourself..." "Said her mother lovingly from the end of the curtain.

(Reporter Yan Qilei)

Source: Xinhua News Agency