Hebei Foreign Studies University and Tel Aviv University successfully held international cooperation network conference

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  Hebei Foreign Studies University and Tel Aviv University of Israel successfully held an international cooperation network conference on August 19, 2020.



  This video conference were attended by Li Xia and Zhou Haiping, Dean of the School of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, Hebei Foreign Studies University, Wang Yunli, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Hebei Foreign Studies University, Moustafa, a Hebrew teacher at the School of English, Porat, Director of the International Office at Tel Aviv University in Israel, and others.



  First of all, Deputy Director Wang Yunli introduced the overall situation of Hebei Foreign Studies University and the achievements of internationalization and discipline construction. Then, Dean Zhou Haiping introduced the basic situation and international cooperation projects of the School of Spanish,Italian and Portuguese. Then, Porat, Director of the international Office of Tel Aviv University, introduced the basic situation of Tel Aviv University, international cooperation and cooperation with Chinese universities.



  At the meeting, the two parties conducted preliminary exchanges and discussions on the exchange of Hebrew-Chinese teachers, undergraduate dual-degree programs, Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, and related cooperation in other fields.  Dean Zhou Haiping said that the Chinese nation and the Israeli nation are two ancient nations in the world, and both have a fine tradition of respecting knowledge and respecting education.



  Tel Aviv University is the first university of Hebei Foreign Studies University to cooperate in Israel. It is hoped that this conference will lay a solid foundation for future cooperation between the two universities. Porat,the person in charge, approved of the idea. The two parties hope that through this video conference, they can have a chance to mutual cooperation and continuously expand the level and content of exchange and cooperation.  

   Finally, the two parties reached an agreement on signing a letter of intent for cooperation in the near future.

   Tel Aviv University is the largest national comprehensive university in Israel, with 9 undergraduate departments, more than 125 colleges and departments, and hundreds of research centers and laboratories covering arts, science, engineering, life, medicine, art, etc

   The University is an Israeli state university located in Tel Aviv, the second largest city and the heart of Israel's largest metropolis. The University has 30,000 students, nine faculties and 125 departments, offering programmes in the natural sciences, the humanities and the arts. Tel Aviv University is the base of several institutions, forums and centers, including Star TAU (Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center), NetImpact, Center for Renewable Energy, And Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. In addition, Tel Aviv University has more than 11 international MASTER of Arts programs, all of which provide students with academic education and curriculum that are integrated with the Sofaer Global MBA program.

   Tel Aviv University was founded in 1955. The University was established on the basis of the merger of three existing institutions of higher learning with a view to meeting the need to establish a university in the Tel Aviv area, the most populous area of the State of Israel. It has become the largest university in Israel, with multiple disciplines and a great emphasis on basic and applied science research. The University also has specialized research institutes specializing in strategic research, healthcare system management, technology forecasting and energy research.

Source: School of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.