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Introduction to Academician Sun Jianzhong, Presidentl of Hebei Foreign Studies University

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Professor Sun Jianzhong, a lifelong foreign academician of the Cuban Academy of Sciences, chairman and president of Hebei Foreign Studies University, is a well-known private educator in China. He has hosted private universities for more than 20 years, turning Hebei Foreign Studies University into an undergraduate university with more than 21,000 people. Sun Jianzhong was the first in the country to propose "let students become quasi-professionals, let teachers become experts on teaching, and let applied universities truly play the role of cultivating professional talents" and "university +" and other educational concepts. He presided over 3 provincial and ministerial level research programs, 9 research programs at the municipal level, and published 21 monographs.

President Sun is also the vice chairman of the National Non-profit Private Colleges and Universities Alliance, the executive vice president of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Private Education Investor Chamber of Commerce, a specially-appointed expert of the China Private Economic Research Association, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Hebei Provincial Non-public Economic and Commercial Association, Hebei  Librarian of the History and History Research Museum (lifetime), special researcher in the Counselor's Office of the People's Government of Hebei Province, vice president of the Research Society of Hebei University of Applied Sciences, president of the International Association of High-end Talent Exchanges of Hebei Province, chief consultant of the Hebei Institute of Translation, Hebei Province , the chairman of the Lan Charity Foundation, the vice chairman of the Hebei Provincial Private Education Association, the  People's Congress representative of Shijiazhuang ,   the vice-chairman of the Shijiazhuang Federation of Industry and many other positions. He has contributed in many areas of society.

In China, Sun jianzhong has been invited to Fudan University, Zhejiang University, National School of Education Administration, Guangzhou Baiyun University to deliver lectures for more than 60 times, which has been unanimously affirmed and praised by experts, scholars and colleagues in the industry. Abroad, Sun jianzhong has visited Winona State University of America, France SUPINFO International University, Spain University of Vigo, Coimbra University of Portugal, Lithuania University of Magnus, South Korea University of national Hungary, Hungary Lorand Eotvos University and other 20 universities in 18 countries and launched the language and talent training under the Belt and Road Initiative, New mode of international cooperation in universities and colleges, Education and teaching reform under the concept of" University + "and other special lectures have been well-acclaimed by foreign teachers and students, experts and scholars. 

     Sun Jianzhong was awarded "National May 1st Labor Medal", "Hebei labor model", "Hebei May 1st Labor Medal" and "Excellent Communist Party member of Hebei Province" etc. He was also awarded "the most favorite university president of students" by the Higher Education Society of the Ministry of education of China (of which there are 18 presidents from 985 and 211 universities, and 4 are national academicians amongst 48 presidents who won the award in China.In three years on end, he was honoured with the title of "leader of Chinese education" by Xinhua news agency and his family "excellent education family of Hebei Province".


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