Admissions to School of English, Hebei Foreign Studies University

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Admissions to School of English, Hebei Foreign Studies University


School of English

      School of English, founded in 2003, is the second largest in enrollment of Hebei Foreign Studies University. School of English owns two majors, English and translation, offering such programs as specialized English-Chinese simultaneous interpreting, liaison interpreting, translation, Serbian and Hindi for three-year undergraduates. The school boasts 19 foreign teachers who have excellent teaching experiences and flexible teaching methods to enrich classes with colorful activities in relation to disciplines.


 468 graduated from School of English in 2018. Of them all, 278 undergraduate students achieved an employment rate of 99.1%, with 27 students seeking overseas employment and 31 overseas studying. 190 junior college students achieved an employment rate of 98.8%, with 51 succeeding in promotion to undergraduate studying and 23 seeking overseas employment.


English Major

English is an international language, and an official language in many countries. Likewise, English has become an important communication vehicle for international conferences, forums and academic seminars, business negotiations and contracts, and foreign-funded enterprises or joint ventures. With the rapid development of global economic integration, especially the increasingly frequent exchanges in politics, economy and culture, the English-related industries and departments like foreign trade, diplomacy, customs, tourism, management and education have all rendered English major with unprecedented popularity and opportunities.

Translation Major

We are committed to professional foreign language translation, enabling compound and applied talents to undertake translation and interpreting for varied levels of leaders, foreign affairs departments, ministries and bureaus on different occasions. Translation major is divided into interpreting and translation. Our graduates have been employed by above-mentioned departments and companies, enterprises and foreign affair agencies through relevant proficiency examinations.




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