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Overseas Students Application

Application requirements:

1. Healthy; no criminal records; abide by Chinese laws and the regulations of the university.

2. Chinese Learning Project: applicants must be high school graduates and at least 18 years of age (an applicant less than 18 years must provide a notarized guarantee letter issued by a guardian in China); HSK score is not required.

3. Undergraduate Program: applicants must be high school graduates aged over 18.



Application documents to be handed in:

1. Passport copy

2. Overseas study application form and its Chinese version

3. Copy of High school diploma and its Chinese version / copy of certificate of schooling in high school and its Chinese version / copy of certificate of undergraduate degree and its Chinese version

4. Physical examination certificate by home hospital and its Chinese version

5. No criminal record (issued by local police station and its Chinese version)

6. Financial security certificate: either household-saving certificate or account statement issued by bank is available and its Chinese version. (Amount: CNY30,000 for one semester; CNY50,000 for two semesters)



Two standard forms are offered on above:

Item 2. Overseas study application form

(Address should be specific; Education & Employment Background should begin from high school up to now; Family Background should include father and mother; Signature should be handwriting)

Item 4. Physical examination certificate




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