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Mr.Yaya Sutarya, Education Counsellor of Indonesian Embassy in China, Visits Hebei Foreign Studies University

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Mr.Yaya Sutarya, Education Counsellor of Indonesian Embassy in China, Visits Hebei Foreign Studies University

     On Dec.21st,2019, Mr.Yaya Sutarya, Education Counsellor of Indonesian Embassy in China, visited Hebei Foreign Studies University (HFSU), and was cordially received by Academician Sun Jianzhong, the Rector of HFSU. A formal meeting was held later at Mingzhu Hall (also called Foreign Expert’s Book House).


A speech by Academician Sun Jianzhong, Rector of HFSU

     Firstly, Rector Sun extended his sincere thanks to the Indonesian Embassy in China for supporting our university’s Indonesian teaching, and also expected that Mr.Yaya Sutarya could give a hand for HFSU to build cooperation with some universities in Indonesia to boost cultural exchanges in education between two countries and enhance the friendship between the two peoples.

A speech by Mr.Yaya Sutarya, Education Counsellor of Indonesian Embassy in China

     Mr.Yaya Sutarya mentioned that China and the Indonesian government have carried out multi-level and in-depth cooperation on education exchange and cooperation. In 2020, the Indonesian government will send more than 200 teachers to China for short-term training, and 3,000 Indonesian students to China for studying in education, language, architecture and other disciplines. Mr.Yaya Sutarya hoped that more than 200 Indonesian students would have chances to study as exchange students at HFSU next year.

     Rector Sun expressed his heartfelt thanks to Mr.Yaya Sutarya for his support and hoped that the global Chinese Learning Center established by our university would provide language training for Indonesian students who love learning Chinese to publicize Chinese culture and tell Chinese stories. 

     Subsequently, Mr.Yaya Sutarya presented different levels of Indonesian teaching materials, reference books for Indonesian language level examination, and Indonesian culture brochures to Shijiazhuang foreign expert’s book house, expressing his full support for Indonesian teaching in our university, and then exchanged gifts with the president.

Donating books for Shijiahzuang Foreign Expert’s Book House

Academician Sun Jianzhong presented his books to Mr.Yaya Sutarya

     In Tian Ye Workstation, Mr.Yaya Sutarya and his delegation were warmly welcomed by other university leaders, including Dr. Yang Zhen, Vice Rector and Advisor on foreign affairs and of HFSU, Chen Wei, Vice Rector of foreign affairs, and Han Fang, Dean of International Students College. Dr. Yang Zhen said that there are 200 students studying Indonesian in our university. He hoped to establish an Indonesian language research center together with Mr.Yaya Sutarya, which would help the friendly cultural exchange and development between China and Indonesia at that time. He also expressed the long-term development plan of Indonesian major in our university. He hoped that senior students of our university could have the opportunity to study for Master's degree in Indonesia and continue to strengthen the teaching of Indonesian in our university. Besides, he hoped to strengthen cultural and educational exchanges with Indonesia and inherit the concept of Sino- Indonesian friendship from generation to generation. Mr.Yaya Sutarya also expressed his intention to cooperate with our university. At present, there are many Chinese companies in Indonesia, hoping to have the opportunity to work with HFSU to cultivate excellent bilingual talents of Indonesian.

     In addition, Mr.Yaya Sutarya gave a lecture for the students majoring in Indonesian in our university, introducing the geographical situation, local customs, social culture of Indonesia in detail. Its lively and active lecture was warmly welcomed by the students.

A lecture by Mr.Yaya Sutarya

     Finally, Mr.Yaya Sutarya encouraged students to study hard and said that there would be an Indonesian speech contest and a writing contest in May, and that the winners would be received by the president of Indonesia and have an opportunity to visit some tourist attractions in Indonesia.

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