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Contact Information

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 University website: www.hbwy.com.cn

           Consulting Website: zsb.hbwy.com.cn 

           Please click on the online consultation window for consultation.


            International Affairs Office:  intercom002@hbwy.com.cn ;  intercom006@hbwy.com.cn 

            Human Resource Office:      wyzsb2011@126.com

    Telephone: 0311-85237026 85237111 852370011 85515700

   Report Hotline: 0311-85237018

    University Address: No.29, Huifeng West Road, South Hongqi Street,

                                             Shijiazhuang City, Zip Code: 050091

Bus route: take No. 46 and No. 70 from the new railway station,

                              get off at HSBC Road, and then walk 50 meters to the West.